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T444Z conditioner has many uses - this conditioner is great for your natural hair. It is also great for weaves, natural hair extensions, lace wigs, and even closures. This conditioner is great for any and all types of hair.

What is T444Z Conditioner?

T444Z conditioner is beautiful and luxurious. It is made from the finest ingredients, the most important of which is Argan oil. The argan oil is specially formulated to add moisture to the hair. This feature allows the conditioner to repair even damaged hair, be it damaged from over processing, colouring, sun damage, dry hair or split ends. T444Z conditioner is both gentle and effective.

After using this conditioner you will notice that your hair feels nourished and is more manageable. The hair will also be stronger, healthier and shinier. It will give the hair the moisture that it needs, and after a couple of uses you will notice that your split ends are no longer rough. The hair will be smooth all the way from the root down to the very ends. T444Z argan oil formula will also increase the elasticity of the hair.

How to Use T444Z Conditioner

This product is simple to use. All you have to do is follow the simple directions below. First, divide your hair or your wig into four equal sized sections.  Next, apply the conditioner to the hair. You should start at the mid length and make sure plenty of conditioner gets to the end of the hair.

Once you have the conditioner on your hair be sure to massage it into the hair. This should be done one section at a time. Once you have massaged it, comb the conditioner to make sure that it has covered all of your hair. For best results you should allow the conditioner to sit on your hair for a period of 10 to 20 minutes. This will allow the conditioner to sink into the hair and provide the moisture that it needs.

After the 10-20 minute period, rinse the conditioner entirely out of the hair. You will notice that your hair is soft, shiny, and stronger. The T444Z conditioner is great for any type of hair and is gentle enough to use on wigs and hair extensions. This conditioner will help lock the moisture into the hair without weighing the hair down. When looking for great hair that is both shiny and strong, T444Z conditioner will not disappoint.

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