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T444Z hair products are some of the best products for African and ethnic hair in the market today.  T444Z has taken the hair industry in South Africa by storm and women across all age groups are raving about this unique product.  If your hair has thinned over time from plaiting and weaves, then T444Z may be what you've been looking for.  Many Volure clients have found T444Z hair products to be truly exceptional in delivering promised results.

IMPORTANT: Please note that T444Z Hair Food is for your natural hair and should not be applied to your weave.

T444Z Ingredients

T444Z ingredients are largely natural. T444Z ingredients include shea butter, aloe, menthol, peppermint, castor oil, carrot extracts, rose oil, chamomile, herbal extract, papaya extracts, essential oils, and vitamin A. Of these, aloe, herbal extracts, and rose oil are the most active T444Z ingredients.  The purpose of these ingredients is to specifically nourish and moisturize the hair and the scalp.

Different T444Z Products

T444Z is one of the most versatile plant based products in the market and given this versatility, T444Z is now used in a variety of different products. T444Z products now include conditioner, shampoo, hair food.

T444Z Hair Food

T444Z hair food is especially popular in Johannesburg, but is gaining in popularity in other areas across South Africa.  Developed by an experienced hairdresser, T444Z hair food addresses a number of hair and scalp problems without the use of any harmful substances. T444Z hair food ensures your hair receives the necessary nutrients available for healthy, strong hair. This product has a proven record of helping clients increase hair growth and volume, and reduce scalp inflammation.  Many clients notice a significant difference in their hair after two or more months of continuous use of T444Z hair food.

IMPORTANT: Please note that T444Z Hair Food is for your natural hair and should not be applied to your weave.

T444Z Shampoo and Conditioner

T444Z shampoo can be used for all types of African hair, whether reasonably healthy or frizzy. The shampoo deep cleanses the scalp without eradicating the necessary hair nutrients. With the help of the shampoo, the T444Z conditioner locks in hair moisture to ensure minimal tangling. The tangle free hair is easy to comb, maintain, and style with practically no shedding.  For best results make sure you use the conditioner after shampooing.

How to Use T444Z

To get the best results, it is important to know how to use T444Z properly.  

First, wash your hair with luke warm water for 2 minutes. This helps relax the hair. Increase the water temperature slowly, but ensure the water does not burn your scalp because this will harm your scalp. By increasing the temperature, the water will wash away all the dirt, chemicals, and oils you have used on your hair. A good thing to note is to never apply heavy oils because they tend to form a collage of dirt and dandruff around your hair follicles, which in turn reduces hair growth. (Consider using olive or coconut oil to moisturize your hair as opposed to other heavy-duty oil products.).  

After a 2 minute wash with the mildly hot water, introduce the T444Z shampoo and scrub your hair until you are satisfied that all the dirt and chemicals are washed out. Rinse the shampoo out and repeat the process to ensure you have washed out all the dirt. Next, apply a generous coat of T444Z conditioner to your hands and scrub your scalp thoroughly. Give your hair a 2 minute breather to soak in the essentials of the conditioner.  After 2 minutes, rinse the hair conditioner off and dry your hair. (We recommend drying the hair with a towel, and then leaving the hair to dry naturally instead of using a dryer). Ensure your hair is completely dry before the last step.

Once dry, apply T444Z hair food using your fingertips for even distribution. Make sure you massage the scalp thoroughly.

Knowing how to use T444Z the right way will ensure that you get results that Volure clients have been bragging about, instead of getting frustrated and quitting too soon.  Please contact us if you have any questions on how to use T444Z or the accompanying products.

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