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This hair is great for a bouncy and vibrant look. This hair comes from India and is similar to the hair found there. This hair is naturally light and bouncy. The hair is soft making it easy to style and minimum products are needed.

Bundle Size

This hair is priced per bundle. Each bundle is around 100 grams. For a full look around 3 bundles are needed.

Quality of the Indian Weaves

The Indian Hair Body Wave is the highest virgin remy quality. The hair is lightly processed and is the best hair you can get. Wavy and curlier hair require more processing. All of the weaves are 100% virgin and are remy. The hair cuticles are still intact and in perfect alignment.

Bleaching and Styling Indian Weaves

This hair can be bleached, dried with the hair dryer, or curled. Bleaching can dry out the hair if it is not done properly. It is not recommended to straighten the hair.

Installing the Indian Body Wave Hair

It will take around three bundles for a full look. If you want longer hair you will need additional bundles

10-14 inches- 2 bundles

16-22 inches- 3 bundles

24-30 inches- 4 bundles

Installation of Indian Weaves

Please follow the tips below to make sure the hair is properly installed.

Do not cut the hair tracks. Wrap them around your head. If you cut the tracks this can lead to shredding.

Do not weave through the tracks. Weave around the tracks.


This hair has a wavy texture. It may be straightened but will go back to the wavy form. The waves may become looser over time. Curl the hair with a curling iron to restore the waves. Refer to the FAQ and blogs for tips keeping the hair looking great.

Caring for the Indian Body Wave

The hair will last from one to two years depending on how well it is taken care of. The weave should be reapplied every month or two to keep up with natural hair growth.

Bleaching and Dyeing: You can bleach or color the hair. We recommend using a professional stylist as this can dry out the hair and cause permanent damage.

Washing: Be sure to brush the hair with a paddle brush before washing. This may undo the waves but can be brought back with rollers. Make sure a pre conditioning treatment is used before shampooing to reduce drying.

Bushing the Body Wave: You can use a paddle brush or your fingers. This will do a better job of keeping the waves and body. You can bring back the waves in the hair by using rollers or a curling iron. When brushing the hair start at the tips and work up to the roots. A fine tooth comb is not recommended for this hair.

Caring for the Weave at Nigh: Tie the Indian Hair body wave into a Bantu knot and cover the knot with a satin cap.

Guarantee and Return

If there is any issue with the weave within the first two weeks after purchasing you can exchange it for a weave of equal or lesser value. Please see our return policy for more information.

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