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Body wave lace frontals are unique because they are versatile and include all the usefulness of lace closures. They are similar to lace closures in the sense that hair is firmly held on a lace material that is fine and that they both serve the same purpose of covering the natural hair of the user.

The difference is that lace closures are relatively small and are used for covering the middle head section while body wave lace frontal covers the whole head. In addition, a body wave lace frontal allows for more styling while lace closures only enables you to do parting on middle area of the head that can easily be seen. This is why body wave lace frontals are a perfect fit for women with tiny hairline problems.

Apart from varying sizes, their installation procedure is different from that of lace closures. We at Volure opt for sewing rather than attaching using glue. Other people like weaving it at the rear end while using glue in the front part. 

Features of Body Wave Lace Frontal

Regarding lace top base, this body wave lace frontal employs the use of a narrow Swiss lace. It can be clear or have a color similar to the scalp of the user. This makes any hair parted on frontal to resemble scalp thus concealing the lace material. In addition, Lace top base doesn’t hide the knots for hair to lace attachment. In order to make them disappear further and provide a perfection skin matching, add some foundation on the parting.

As pertains to size, our body wave lace frontal measures 13’’ and 4’’ in length and width respectively.

Body wave virgin Remy hair-This body wave lace frontal is made from virgin Remy hair of premium quality. It however requires processing to suit your style. All our body wave lace frontals are original Remy with their hair cuticles untouched and with similar direction of alignment. This enables you to have an appearance which is pretty and more natural.

Different lengths- Its length ranges from 8-26 inches just like our Indian, Brazilian and Peruvian hair.

Installing Body Wave Lace Frontal

Pull the lace frontal hairline to change its density and achieve an outlook which is more natural. Create a section on part of the lace frontal. You can enhance it by grasping away the hair much more on the frontal. Braid your natural hair so that it can imitate the section (part) that you created before. Weave your body wave lace frontal onto your hair that is plaited. Installation can also be done through sewing or by use of glue.

Care Tips For Body Wave Lace Frontal

Replace your body wave lace frontal after 3 to for 4 installations because that that is their average life span. Brush your frontals properly prior to washing. Carry out brushing using a paddle brush. Bleach and dry it so as to get your preferred color. This is enabled by its high quality and state of being virgin. Cover it with a satin cap when retiring to bed at night. This helps to preserve moisture and also prevent tangling.

Guarantee and Returns

In case you realize any defects with our product, you are free to return it within 2-weeks duration from the time of buying. You will be given a new one. You can get more details by checking our Return Policy.

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