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Where to get Brazilian Body Wave Hair from. There is a simple, one word answer to that question, Volure. At Volure we can quickly and effectively meet all of your requirements for Brazilian Body Wave Hair. We are experts in fitting Brazilian Body Wave Hair along with many other types of hair extensions and wigs so that people can transform how their hair looks after a single visit to our store.

How many bundles of Brazilian Body Wave Hair will be required?

Like other types of hair extensions Brazilian Body Wave Hair is measured out in bundles. Bundles are 100 strands of hair grouped, or bundled together. The exact number of bundles required will depend on how thick or how long people want their Brazilian Body Wave Hair to be. If you are happy with slightly longer hair with little or no extra thickness then just one bundle of Volure Brazilian Body Wave Hair will be just fine.

To have Brazilian Body Wave Hair extensions up to 14 inches you will 2 bundles. For extra length of up to to 22 inches you will need 3 bundles, and finally for extensions of up to 30 inches you will need 4 bundles. Should that still not be enough Brazilian Body Wave Hair for you every additional bundle will make your hair 4 inches longer.

Fitting your Brazilian Body Wave Hair extensions

Brazilian Body Wave Hair can be easily fitted in with your own hair. They are fitted with tracks that allow you to weave them into your hair. These tracks could only be detected if somebody was very close to your head. Providing you fit your Brazilian Body Wave Hair properly then the joining of your extensions to your own hair will be virtually impossible to detect.

When fitting your Brazilian Body Wave Hair extensions make sure that you do not cut the tracks as that could make it harder to attach the extensions to your own hair. Do not stitch the actual weave tracks to your natural hair. 

People should only buy Brazilian Body Wave Hair extensions if they want really wavy hair. If the look is too wavy buy straighter types of extensions in the first place. Over time the waves in Brazilian Body Wave Hair will loosen a little, yet on average that takes several months to happen.

Looking after your hair extensions

If looked after properly these extension will last for a minimum of 12 moths, up to a maximum of 24 months. Some people like to come to our store every 2 months to have the extension removed and then attached again.

As the hair strands are as strong as your own hair you should be able to treat them the same as your hair. That means you can bleach, brush, dye, and wash the extensions in exactly the same way. However we do advise you to be cautious when you bleach or dye your hair extensions. We recommend that you come to our store to allow us to do the bleaching or dyeing for you. Alternatively we would prefer you to go to a hairdresser to have the bleaching or dyeing done professionally.

Exchange policy

At Volure we will exchange any hair extension within 2 weeks of you buying it.

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