The brand Moroccanoil is world renowned for their quality products, and is credited with starting the whole Moroccan Oil Treatment / Argan Oil revolution in the haircare category.  This brand has become a haircare industry sensation embraced by celebrities, runway stylists and women the world over. After perfecting the Moroccan Oil Treatment, the brand was extended to include solutions for practically every hair need.  Moroccan Oil Hair Products not only leave hair naturally smooth and shiny but also improve its actual condition to make it stronger with each use.

Volure Hair Boutique sells a wide range of the Moroccan Oil Hair Products, from the original hair treatment, to mask treatments, shampoos, conditioners, styling products, and scalp treatments.  If you’ve ever wondered how to get your hands on Moroccan Oil Hair Products, stress no more.

These products are essential to maintaining not only your natural hair, but also your weaves, hair extensions, lace wigs and lace closures.   Please read the first few description lines for each hair product to determine whether the product is meant for your natural hair or for extensions, etc.  The key thing to remember is that many of the products than can be used on extensions and weaves must be used less frequently than if you use them on your natural hair.  For example, because extensions and wigs do not get moisture from the scalp as your natural hair does, they cannot be shampooed and conditioned with the same frequency (even with non-drying and hydrating products) as this will inevitably case your extensions and wigs to lose moisture.  For care instructions specific to hair extensions, lace wigs, waves, etc, please refer to the specific pages of these products.  Otherwise, you may assume that each product’s usage directions refer to use on your natural hair. 


Moroccan oil is a derivative of Argan oil. Argan oil comes from the nut that grows on the argan tree that is indigenous to the southwest region of Morocco called Argana. Argan oil is pressed from the fruit of the nut. Argan oil is a pure oil while Moroccan oil is a modified form of it, with Argan oil being one of the main ingredients of Moroccan oil. While Argan oil is beneficial for use on hair, skin and nails, Moroccan oil is designed to benefit the hair. The oil has added ingredients which are for the purpose of dealing with damaged, problem hair and enhancing the condition and appearance of it. It will restore the shine and brilliance to dull, dry hair, alleviating split ends and brittle breakage, by smoothing the hairs cuticles. The Argan oil that is a main ingredient of Moroccan oil will naturally renew cell structure in growing hair, repair hair shafts, and restoring shine to dull, lifeless hair.

Additives in Moroccan oil include Dimethicone and Cyclomethicone silicones which serve to seal the cuticles and smooth the hair shafts. There are also high amounts of Vitamin E, tocopherols (powerful antioxidant), phenols, carotenes, Aloe Vera, unsaturated fatty acids and other ingredients. These ingredients assist in the overall condition and appearance of the hair. Healthy hair needs a balance of natural oils and vitamins, and Moroccan oil offers these necessary nutrients to make hair healthier, smoother and easier to manage without making hair feel or look oily. Utilizing a small amount of oil goes a long way to transform damaged hair. This oil provides the most beneficial results when in its used alone and not used in conjunction with other oils, because the potency is reduced when combined or diluted. This oil creates an unsurpassed balance for the hair and scalp. Moroccan oil nourishes the scalp by alleviating itchiness and dryness. It will also protect against UV damage and other environmental factors. Another advantage of Moroccan oil maintains its integrity and longevity even when it’s exposed to light, including ultraviolet light, which is an asset because its ingredients won’t degenerate as fast as other oils.

Moroccan oil works extraordinarily well because it absorbs quickly into the hair roots, providing needed nourishment that will manifest in the healthier appearance of the hair shafts, providing unmatched shine, enhanced long-term conditioning results, and valuable protection against the long term effects of environmental and chemical pollutants with continued use. It will soften thick, unmanageable hair. Not only does it instantly absorb into the hair roots, it will also absorb into the hair shaft, which is instrumental in eliminating frizziness, hence, speeding up styling time. Hair is more manageable, less time is needed to achieve the desired look and effect of health and smoothness, and that can be done just by applying a small amount to be worked through the hair evenly before styling. It will strengthen as it promotes healing to the hair, giving beneficial sustenance to hair damaged by chemical processes, styling products and the drying heat of styling tools. It is suggested that when used for treating extremely damaged hair, that the Moroccan oil be left on the hair overnight, so it has time to absorb into the scalp, the hair follicles/roots and the hair shafts. This will help alleviate flaky scalp, soothe traumatized hair follicles/roots and smooth frizzed, brittle hair cuticles.

With continued and conscientious use of Moroccan oil, it will improve the condition and texture of damaged, brittle or coarse hair. Touted as one of the best oils to use for the treatment of damaged hair, Moroccan oil offers the hair a myriad of vitamins, antioxidants and other natural ingredients that are beneficial for achieving healthy hair and maintaining it. Moroccan oil is a multitasking oil that has many benefits and uses, and is a great investment. Although it is a little on the pricey side, it is well worth the money and it will go a long way, considering it takes only a small amount used every day to achieve an improved overall appearance and health of the hair. Use Moroccan oil to transform brittle, dull, damaged, unmanageable hair into healthy, shiny, glorious hair because utilizing this oil will make that an easily attainable goal.


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