Affordable high quality micro bonding hair extensions from Volure.  Whether you want keratin hair, micro rings or Brazilian knots, our quality bonding hair will not disappoint. Volure stocks a wide range of bonding hair to meet different client needs.  Browse our collection and see what hair extension is best for you.

What Are Micro Bonding Hair Extensions?

Micro bonding hair extensions are a whole group of extensions that are installed by a strand by strand method.  Micro bond hair extensions have become very popular due to their light weight and seamless natural look.  Although a bit time consuming during the installation process, the end result is worth it for clients who choose these types of hair extensions.  Depending on the type of micro bond hair extensions, the installation can also last many months, which minimises the stress that comes with constant installation and removal of extensions.  The following are the three main types of bonding hair extensions:  

  • Keratin hair extensions (also known as fusion hair extensions)
  • Micro ring hair extensions (also known as micro loop hair extensions)
  • Brazilian knots (also known as elastic fusion)

Each of the above bonding hair have their strengths and weaknesses, and your choice of which type to go for will depend on what you personally prefer.

Keratin Hair Extensions

Keratin hair extensions come pre-tipped with a keratin adhesive.  This tip can either take the form of i-tips (shoe laces) or u-tips (flat or fingernail shaped).  These bonding hair extensions are applied by melting the keratin tip with a low-heat iron.  Once the keratin is in a fluid form, the stylist rolls it between her thumb and index finger, with your natural hair in between.  This creates for a very strong fusion between your natural hair and the hair extension.  To provide for the longest hold, it's important that your natural hair is not conditioned washed but instead only shampooed with a clarifying shampoo.  Conditioners make it easier for the keratin bonds to slip off.

There are different strength keratin bonds on the market. Volure currently uses keratin that can be expected to hold for one month or more.  We also provide a re-bonding service to clients who have previously purchased bonding hair from us.  This service helps our clients save money by allowing them to use and re-use their bonding hair extensions. 

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

Micro ring extensions (aka micro loop hair extensions) are another type of micro bonding.  Micro loop hair extensions use a cold application method, as they do not require any form of heat or keratin adhesives to install.  In terms of structure, micro ring hair extensions are essentially hair extensions with small metal rings at the tips (as opposed to keratin adhesives).  With micro rings, your natural hair is fitted into these metal rings together with the extensions hair.  The metal ring is then flattened, clamping and securing the connection between the hair extension and your natural hair.  The one positive with micro ring hair extensions is that they do not use any heat or adhesives.  However, one big negative is that they do not last nearly as long as keratin hair extensions or Brazilian knots.  The chances of the extensions slipping off is quite high, especially if the client has silky hair.  We recommend that clients only do micro rings if they want something very temporary, or if they have very coarse hair that provides an extra hold for the extensions.  Micro ring extensions are also not recommended if you have thin or fragile hair.

Brazilian Knot Hair Extensions

Brazilian knot hair extensions go by a number of names, including elastic fusion extensions, Italian knot extensions or micro bonding weaves. Like the other methods mentioned above, micro bonding weaves are installed via a strand by strand process.  Whereas keratin bonds are quite popular with our Caucasian clients, Brazilian knots are well suited for African and other ethnic hair.  The installation process involves tying your natural hair to extension hairs using a very light weight thread.  The process takes a long time (usually 6 hours or more) but the results can last for up to 3 months or more.  We usually advise clients to have any micro bond hair extensions removed after 2 months.  Brazilian knots are extremely seamless and hard to detect and have become increasingly popular despite the long installation time.  Clients who are tired of weaves will find Brazilian knots quite appealing.