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Lace weaves, also known as lace wigs, are high quality hair accessories that are a must have in any beauty collection. We stock Brazilian lace weaves and other virgin human hair wigs.  Browse our collection to see what Volure has to offer.  

What is a Lace Weave?

A lace weave is simply another way of saying a lace wig.  Different from normal wigs, a lace weave has human hair attached to a sheer lace material that mimics the wearer's scalp.  For this reason a lace weave looks more natural and blends effortlessly.  However, not all lace weaves are the same.  Below we will discuss the difference between a full lace weave and a lace front weave, as well as the pros and cons of getting one or the other.  Aside from this difference, lace weaves are also distinguished by the lace weave hair used on them.  There are varying qualities of lace weave hair, ranging anywhere from synthetic, to remy hair, and finally to virgin hair.  At Volure we only use lace weave hair that is virgin (which means unprocessed), or in the case of curly lace weave hair, lightly processed to achieve the curls.  Within the virgin category there are different types of lace weave human hair: from Malaysian lace weaves, Indian lace weaves, to Brazilian lace weaves. Our most popular is the Brazilian lace weave due to the full bodied look, soft texture, durability and ease of styling.  All  our wigs, including our Brazilian lace weaves are designed to minimize shedding, to not tangle, and to maintain their texture for a long time when properly cared for.  Also, our Brazilian lace weaves come with baby hair around the temple areas, which is used to cover up any visible signs of lace on the forehead. The baby hairs also help create a more realistic and natural hairline.

Lace Front Weave 101

Lace front weaves come with the lace section only on the crown area of the wig.  What this means is that a front lace weave only focuses on matching the scalp on the front of the wig, and not throughout the entire head.  So the lace weave human hairs are attached via a single strand method only at the front, and on the rest of the wig, wefts are woven on as you would weave a weft onto cornrows.  Now that may sound like it disadvantages clients wearing lace front weaves.  There are some styling disadvantages, yes. For example front lace weaves cannot be worn in updos or high ponytails.  But the truth is that because the crown area is typically the most visible part of the wig, lace front weaves serve their purpose quite well.  On top of this, they are significantly cheaper that full lace weaves.  Finally front lace weaves are more durable, last longer, and when they age, they can be repaired relatively easily.  A front lace weave, when put on by an experienced stylist will look just as great as a full lace wig, and do so on budget!

Full Lace Weaves

Full lace weaves are constructed with the lace portion across the entire wig cap. This means that wherever you part the wig it will look as if your are looking at the wearer's scalp.  For this reason full lace weaves give you more styling options.  With a full lace weave, your can wear high ponytails and up-do's, for example, whereas with lace front doing so is a bit more difficult.  That said, it's important to remember that many full lace weave suppliers vary the density of the hair across different portions of the wig cap.  The most dense section of a full lace weave is at the crown area, where most people look. But as you move towards the back, the density decreases.  The reason why suppliers do this is to keep down the costs of making the wig.  If the density of your full lace weave were to be high and constant throughout, your wig may cost you an extra 25% to 30%.  All else equal, a full lace weave will already cost you more than a front lace weave, owing to the fact that it provides more styling options. It is also important to note that, because of the wide lace area, a full lace weave is generally more fragile than a lace front weave. So keep this info in mind - that while a full lace weave will give you more styling options, it tends to be more fragile, and always costs more that a lace front.  At Volure, we recommend full lace weaves only to clients who are experienced in wearing and taking care of them - otherwise, our preference is for clients to go for front lace weaves. 

Lace Closure Weave

Many clients confuse lace weaves and a lace closure weave.  While a lace weave is a complete wig, a lace closure weave is best thought of as a square or rectangular portion of a wig.  A lace closure weave (or a weave lace closure) is worn together with normal weaves/wefts.  What a weave lace closure does is allow the wearer to completely cover their natural hair, and still be able to wear a part.  Before weave lace closures, each time you put on a weave, you had to "crown" it by closing up the weave at the front of the head. This gives a very unnatural and "stitched up" look, which can also be untidy depending on the skill level of the stylist.  As an alternative, many clients leave a portion of their natural hair out and use this to part and make the weave joining area look more natural.  However, this approach is not problem free.  First, clients typically have to relax their natural hair (thereby exposing it to chemicals) in order to keep the transition from natural hair to weft hair as seamless as possible.  With a lace weave closure none of this is necessary.  That is why lace weave closures have become increasingly popular over the last few years.  A high quality lace weave closure from Volure will help you cover your entire head when wearing a weave, thereby giving your natural hair time to heal and grow, all while protecting it from not only harsh chemicals but also from the elements we come across as we go about our days.

Lace Weave Hairstyles

When it comes to lace weave hairstyles, the first thing to note is that not all lace weaves can be styled the same way due to the positioning of the lace. In other words, the number of lace weave hairstyles you can achieve is partly determined by whether you are wearing a full lace weave or a lace front weave.  Remember that lace front weave hairstyles will be restricted a bit since you only have the lace portion of the wig at the front. However, regardless of the type of wig, there are many lace weave hairstyles out there.  One of the most popular lace front weave hairstyles, is a front side swipe. This works very well with front lace weaves with fringes. This in one of the lace weave styles that allow you to partly conceal the lace edges (as opposed to a style that exposes them), thereby making the wig look even more natural. Lace front weave hairstyles can encompass all available lengths from long to short, and all available curls, from straight to kinky curl. For a complete range of lace weave styles, please check out our weave hairstyles and client photos page. Also note, that just because a particular style is achieved with a weave or weft, does not mean it cannot be achieved with a wig. When in doubt about lace weave styles that may suit you, just give us a buzz.

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