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Brown blonde micro ring hair extensions are there to give you that sexy look that you have ever desired look like no other hair. The name of the hair- dirty blonde has nothing to do with being dirty, rather than that, it is beautiful and charming to have on your head. At Volure, we have combined the light brown and the golden brown to give it the best look ever. These hair extensions have been familiar to women because they don't require any glue or keratin to install them. This means that they are easily removable.

Our product comes with a natural loop that when pulled, force your pure air to make a ring that contains several hair extension strands. When your hair and our extensions have joined, pliers is then used to flatten the ring thereby providing a secure attachment. This extension is becoming attractive to all ages and groups of people because they will give you that fusion looks that you needed without heat or glue.

Each bundle that you will buy contains 100 strands, and most people need 1 or 2 packages to use. This hair extension has been processed to give it its desired blond color. So, don’t be deceived that it will easily be bleached. This won’t happen at all. You can wash the hair and style it the way you want it to suit you.

How to install the brown blonde micro rings

Micro rings usually come with a large loop through which your natural hair is placed. When you pull one end of the loop, your natural hair has to be forced through a tiny micro ring that has strands of hair extensions already attached inside. After that, pliers is used to press and bind your natural hair to the hair extension strands. The only care that is needed is not to pull the hair extension when they have been installed as this will put stress on the natural hair. It is good to note that hair extension works best with coarse hair rather than smooth hair.

Care tips

- You can bleach and color your hair extensions. But get the color that matches your hair from the beginning to avoid this step. If you must bleach, then don’t do it on your own instead, seek assistance from a professional stylist to do it for you.

- Your extensions are made from natural human hair and therefore, they can be washed, twisted and curled as you would do to your natural hair. You can shampoo and condition your extensions as normal. But before that, make sure you straighten it by brushing so that it flows smoothly. You should take caution of not applying any conditioner to the bonds as this will weaken them. Towel-dry your hair after you wash it and don’t use any heat directly to it.

- You can style, straighten, curl, and hot roll your hair to whichever position you feel like

- To maintain the good looks of the hair daily, brush it with a paddle brush in the morning and evening. Start from the tips and work upwards to the roots.

We are dedicated to offering the best services to our esteemed customers. So, if you notice any issues your blonde hair within two weeks of purchase, there is room for you to return it for exchange. For more notice about this, refer to our detailed Return Policy.

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