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About Bendy Rollers

Bendy Rollers are soft foam hair rollers that are used to maintain the curls on your hair and are best used overnight.  For best results, apply Bendy Rollers when your hair is 80% dry after washing and go to sleep. In the morning, remove the rollers. Split and style your curls with your fingers without brushing them through. 

Bendy Rollers can be used on dry or wet hair, are easy to use with no pins needed, and are comfortable to wear while sleeping.  These rollers are able to produce both tight and loose curls depending on how they are used. 


How to Use Bendy Rollers

The following are tips and tricks to help you get the most from your Bendy Rollers. 

  • Wash the curlers before the first use and brush your hair with a paddle brush before applying the rollers
  • Roll your hair into the curlers starting from the top of your head and from the ends of each section that you roll
  • For looser waves, roll thicker sections of your hair. Rolling on dry hair also creates soft and loose waves
  • For tight bouncy curls, dampen your hair prior to rolling. You may use a styling mousse or curling definer to add extra definition to your curls
  • For overnight curling, tie a satin scarf over your entire head before you go to bed for maximum comfort

Before removing the curlers, always make sure that your hair is totally dry and cool (in case you have blow-dried it).  This is critical for longer lasting curls. 


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