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If you want to have that A-lister look, it is high time you decided to buy these golden blonde clip hair extensions. It is bold yet very classy. When you put on this hair, you will walk, talk, and act like a true star. Therefore, these hair extensions can help to give you back that bold look as you retain your classiness and elegance.

The thickness of this hair comes in three levels that is 120g, 160g, and 220g. The 120g is the medium size and is recommended for people with fine, medium density hair. Many people love this type and is easy to conceal and looks natural. The 160g is thick and great for those that want to add length and volume to their hair. This one is meant for those that have medium to thick hair. The 220g is very thick and recommended for those with thick hair. We don’t advice our customers to get this type unless they are experienced Clip In wearers and know what they are doing. So, you better go for the 120g and 160g.

Each of our hair extensions come with the following ten pieces:

- 2*20cm weft with four clips each

- 2*15cm weft with three clips each

- 2*10cm weft with two clips each

- 4*2.5cm weft with one clip each

Hair quality

Our extensions use the highest quality Virgin Remy Indian Hair that has been processed so that it achieves its lovely color. The cuticles of the hair are intact and aligned in the same direction thus provide a healthy and elegant look.

How to install your clips Ins

- Each set is required to have one clip. Each of our extensions comes with eight clips that are designed to fit your entire head.

- It is easy to install this clip INS with only a little practice needed without going to a stylist. You need to start by parting a section of your head and space them evenly. Then put the clips as close to the roots as possible. Don’t slide the clips off while removing the clips but instead, lift each clip softly. You are done, and your hair is in place.

Care tips for Clip In hair extensions

- The lifespan of your extensions is expected to be six months or more, but it will depend on how frequent you wear them and take care of them. It is recommended that you remove your clip-ins each night before you go to sleep.

- It is not recommended for you to bleach or dye your extensions instead, buy the right color that matches your hair from the start. But if you must bleach or dye, don’t attempt it on your own; seek the assistance from a known expert.

- You should wash it after every 10 to 20 wears or when the product build up becomes unmanageable. Use a non-drying conditioner and shampoo with warm water. Allow the hair to air dry after washing it.

- It is recommended that you brush your hair before and after every use. Use a paddle or a bristle brush.

- You can put a style to your hair but make sure to use a heat-protection spray before you apply hot tools. If you prefer a wavy style, get curved clip extensions instead of trying to curl them each morning.

Our guarantee and effective return policy allow you to return your hair within two weeks of purchase if you realize there is a problem with the one that you bought.

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