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These extensions bring together the comfortable warmness of brown and the sheer mystery of black, which brings a sexy allure to any woman who wears them. This is a type of extension that virtually allows any woman to express that they are approachable, but should never be taken for granted by anyone at any time. Furthermore, this is a color that is among the most popular with many customers with both naturally light and dark hair.

Thickness of Hair

The thickness of the Natural Black Clip In Hair Extensions is available at the following three different levels:

*120g, which are considered to be of a medium thickness and are recommended for individuals who have a hair density of fine to medium. Many individuals are said to be fine with this level, as it looks extremely natural and is very easy to conceal.

*160g, which are slightly thicker than the 120g version and are perfect for individuals who wish to add a sense of both volume and length to their natural hair. These extensions are recommended for individuals with a hair density of medium to thick; however, they should not be used if you have fine hair density.

*220g, which is the highest density set of clips that we have available for purchase. These extensions are recommended for individuals who have a hair density of thick; however, they are not recommended for those who are inexperienced with clip ins.

Hair Quality, Length and Number of Pieces per Set

The total overall length of these extensions is approximately 50 centimeters, which is the equivalent of 20 inches. Each Natural Black Clip In Hair Extensions set comes complete with the following ten pieces:

*Two 20 centimeter hair wefts with four clips each

*Two 15 centimeter hair wefts with three clips each

*Two 10 centimeter hair wefts with two clips each

*Four 2 1/2 centimeter hair wefts with one clip each

Additionally, it should also be noted that only one single set is required to cover your entire head.

Our company uses Virgin Remy Indian hair that is only of the highest possible quality, meaning that the hair used in our clip ins have not been processed in any way. This allows the cuticles to remain completely intact and aligned all in the same exact direction.

Installation Instructions

Only one single clip out of the entire set is required for installation. Each set of clip ins comes with a total of eight clips to cover the entire head. The installation process itself can be accomplished without having to make a trip to a professional stylist, provided you take the time to practice the process a bit. Begin by parting a section of your hair. Next, open up the clip ins and place each one as close to the roots of your hair as you possibly can. Be sure to space them out evenly as you place them around your head. Whenever you want to remove them, make sure that you actually lift up each clip instead of sliding them off, as doing so can actually cause damage to your hair.

Care Instructions

Your Natural Black Clip In Hair Extensions will last for approximately six months or longer; however, the actual length of time depends on how well you actually take care of them, as well as how frequently you wear them. It is recommended that you take out the clips prior to going to bed every night, as this will increase the lifespan of them.

Your clip ins should never be dyed or bleached at any time, despite the fact that they can absorb color fairly well. Instead, consider purchasing clip ins that match the color of your natural hair. If bleaching or dyeing is something that you feel absolutely needs to be done, do not attempt the process on your own. Instead, visit your local professional stylist and allow them to undertake the procedure themselves. If this is performed incorrectly, the hair can be damaged and/or dried out as a result.

Your clip ins should be washed on one of two different occasions: either every 10 to 20 wears or whenever you notice too much product buildup that causes your hair to become too difficult to manage. The extensions should be washed using the following:

*Non-drying shampoo

*Non-drying conditioner

*Lukewarm water

After the extensions have been washed, allow them to air dry.

Before and after using your extensions, they should always be brushed using either a paddle brush or a soft bristle brush. Fine tooth combs should never be used, as these will only cause increased amounts of stress on the extensions themselves.

Hot iron tools may be used to both curl and straighten the extensions; however, you must always ensure that you use some form of heat protection spray prior to each use. If a wavy hairstyle is something you prefer, you should consider investing in wavy-style extensions rather than using a hot iron to curl your extensions every day. Furthermore, if a hot iron is used on clip ins that are either curly or wavy, this can result in those particular clip ins becoming frizzy.

Return Policy and Guarantee

Your Natural Black Clip In Hair Extensions may be returned or exchanged if you experience any issues with them within two weeks after initially purchasing them. Our Return Policy contains more detailed information regarding this.

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