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If you think that Chocolate Brown Clip In Hair Extensions are items that actually sound delicious, that's because they actually are. After all, is there any woman who doesn't love having chocolate brown hair? Chocolate brown is no longer a boring color and has returned to make very big statements among people ranging from global style professionals to Hollywood celebrity circles. Regardless of the hair color you currently have or if you are someone who is simply looking to try a chocolate brown color, you will be able to accentuate everything with Chocolate Brown Clip Ins available from Volure. 

Thickness of Hair

These hair extensions come in three different hair thickness levels. These levels are as follows: 

120g Clip Ins

These specific clip ins are of a medium thickness. These are more recommended for individuals who have a hair density that is anywhere from fine to medium. Many individuals who use these particular clip ins are said to be perfectly fine with the overall thickness level thanks in large part to the fact that it looks extremely natural and is very easy to conceal.

160g Clip Ins

These clip ins are thicker than the 120g versions and are perfect for individuals who want to add a sense of both volume and length to their hair. If you are someone who has fine hair, it is not recommended that you use these clip ins, as they are meant more for individuals who have medium to thick hair.

220g Clip Ins

These clip ins are noticeably much thicker than both the 120g and 160g versions and are the highest density set of clip ins available. They are also recommended for individuals who have very thick hair; however, Volure does not recommend that customers purchase this particular version unless they are experienced with wearing clip ins.

Length of Hair

Generally, the total length of the hair on the clip ins is around 50 centimeters, which is the equivalent of 20 inches.

Total Number of Pieces Per Set

Volure's Chocolate Brown Clip In Hair Extensions all come with ten separate pieces. These pieces are as follows:

*Two 20 centimeter hair wefts with four clips each

*Two 15 centimeter hair wefts with three clips each

*Two 10 centimeter hair wefts with two clips each

*Four 2 1/2 centimeter hair wefts with one clip each

It is important to note that only one set is required to completely cover your head.

Quality of Hair

All clip ins use Virgin Remy Indian hair of only the highest quality. All hair has been lightly processed in order to ensure that it achieves the color that the customer wants. All hair cuticles are completely intact and aligned in the exact same direction to allow for a look that is as natural and glowing as possible.

Installation Instructions

Only one set of clip ins is required, despite the fact that each set comes with a total of eight clips. Installation is extremely easy and can be performed without having to visit a stylist, provided you practice enough times.

Begin by parting out a section of your own hair. Next, open up the clips and make sure you place them as close to the roots of your hair as you possibly can. Place all of the clips around your head, ensuring that you evenly space all of them out.

If you wish to remove the clip ins, lift each one up instead of sliding them off in order to prevent your hair from getting damaged.

Care Instructions

These clip ins typically last for approximately six months; however, this depends on how often you wear them, as well as how well you actually take care of them. It is highly recommended that you take out your clip ins prior to going to sleep each night.

Even though the Chocolate Brown Clip In Hair Extensions are able to absorb color fairly well, it is recommended that you do not make any attempt to dye or bleach them. Instead, look for colors that match with your natural hair color. If bleaching or dyeing is something that you absolutely want to do, you will want to consider visiting a professional stylist.

Your clip ins should be washed on one of two occasions: either approximately every 10 to 20 wears or whenever there is too much product buildup that makes your hair difficult to manage. These extensions should be washed using only the following products:

*Non-drying shampoo

*Non-drying conditioner

*Lukewarm water

After washing the clip ins, they should be allowed to air dry. Before and after using each clip in, it is extremely important that they be thoroughly brushed with either a soft bristle brush or paddle brush. Fine tooth combs can actually cause a great deal of stress on these products, so avoid using these. Hot iron tools may be used to curl and straighten the clip ins, as long as you use a form of heat protection spray prior to this step being taken. If you are someone who prefers a wavy-type hair look, consider investing in wavy clip ins instead of attempting to curl them. If you do purchase these kinds of clip ins, do not straighten them with a hot iron, as this will make the extensions look frizzy.

As previously mentioned, you should also remove any clip ins before going to sleep at night. Again, be sure to lift up each one rather than sliding them out, as doing so can cause damage to your hair.

Return Policy and Guarantee

If you notice any issues two weeks after purchasing your clip ins, you will be able to either return or exchange them for any item of equal or lesser value. Volure's Return Policy contains more detailed information regarding this.

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