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Volure's Brazilian Afro Curl Hair weave is for people who do not want to spend the extra time it takes to grow an Afro and use all the products that are needed to keep it manageable. Textured and treated virgin Brazilian hair is used to create an Afro style that is soft, full bodied, thick, and durable which can stand the test of time. The Brazilian Afro Curl Hair is made from the highest quality virgin Remy hair available, and it is processed in order to achieve the Afro Curl style. All of Volure's weaves are truly Remy which means the hair cuticles of the Brazilian Afro Curl Hair are intact and line up in the same direction providing a clean and healthy sheen.

Brazilian Hair Bundles Required

About three bundles of Brazilian Hair Afro Curl is needed to create a full look, and longer hair lengths will require more bundles. Each bundle weighs in at around 100g and the required number of bundles for different lengths are as follows: 

2 bundles = 10 to 14 inches

3 bundles = 16 to 22 inches

4 bundles = 24 to 30 inches

Brazilian Styling Tips

Straightening the hair is definitely not recommended as it will make the Afro Curl look frizzy. Customers should buy the straight Brazilian hair weave if they want to have straight hair. The hair can be bleached, but with the deep curl style, extra care must be taken. Combing is done with the fingers or lightly with a large tooth comb. The best method to maintain the curls is to use water and curling definers.

Installation Tips

Keep each weave track whole because cutting the tracks creates loose ends which leads to shedding, and it is installed by having it wrapped around the head. The stylist should weave around the tracks because weaving through the tracks destabilizes the stitching which will lead to shedding. It is preferable that a stylist install the weave in order to make sure it is done properly.

Brazilian Afro Curl Hair Care

Brazilian Afro Curl Hair will last up to two years if it is well taken care of and maintained properly. The weave can be bleached or dyed in any color, but it should be done by the professionals at Volure or by some other professional stylist to have it done correctly. Curlier hair has been textured and bleaching puts it through another round of processing that can damage the weave if done incorrectly.

When washing the hair, finger comb the hair first to make sure the strands are as free flowing as possible which prevents the hair from getting tangled during the wash. Using conditioner treatment before shampooing is recommended as this prevents the hair from drying out.

Brushing with fine or small tooth combs is not recommended as this will unwind the curls, but instead, use wide tooth combs or one's own fingers to to manage and style the hair. Working a curling definer through the hair after washing is all that is needed to keep the hair looking natural.

Guarantee on Brazilian Hair

If there are any problems with or defects in Afro Curl Brazilian Hair within two weeks of purchase, it can be returned for an exchange of equal or lesser value or a refund. Details of the return policy can be found at

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