Welcome to Volure Hair Boutique.  We are a leading retailer of quality hair extensions, lace wigs, and hair products in Johannesburg, South Africa.  We currently operate out of our shop in Ferndale, Randburg at the Bram Fischer Shopping Centre.  We know that the key to our success is you – and that is why our mission is to make you feel amazing. Browse our collections, come to our shop, email us, call us ... we are here to help you look your best.

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Best Hair Extensions in Johannesburg, South Africa

Volure offers a wide range of hair extensions, including clip in hair extensions, keratin hair extensions (also known as fusions hair extensions), and micro loop hair extensions. At this point we do not offer tape in hair extensions, but this is a product that we will be providing very soon. We also provide Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair, and Malaysian hair in weave or weft format, primarily for ethnic hair. Brazilian Hair often considered the best type of weave but we always tell our clients not to focus on the names but rather on the texture and look of it. This is because, for one, Brazilian Hair isn't necessarily from Brazil and often-times it is not. It simply has a texture that is similar to what the industry calls Brazilian hair. As long as the hair is virgin, or similar quality and you like the feel and texture of it in relation to your own natural hair, then you have nothing to worry about

Clip In Hair Extensions

Whether you want the warm Natural Black colour or the eye-catching Golden Blonde look, Volure’s Clip In Hair Extensions are bound to leave you feeling better about how your hair looks. Our Clip In Hair Extensions come in three broad types: 120g, 160g and 220g. Volure’s 120g Hair Extensions are for clients with fine to medium density hair. If your hair is thicker or you want a thicker loo, the 160g Hair Extensions may be the ones for you. These add both length and volume and are a favourite with clients. Finally, our the 220g Hair Extensions are our highest density and are only recommended for those with very thick hair, and if you know what you are doing. All our Clip In Hair Extensions are 20 inches (50cm) in length, and are made with 100% Remy Human Hair. The hair is not strictly virgin (unless you are getting the natural black colour) as it typically goes through some processing. All our clip in hair extensions come in 10 weft pieces, with two 20cm weft pieces (4 clips per piece), two 15cm piece (3 clips per piece), two 10cm weft piece (2 clips per piece), and four 2.5cm pieces, each with 1 clip. All you need is once set for a full look.

Keratin Hair Extensions

Keratin hair extensions are known by many names, including Keratin Bonds, U-Tips, keratin glue hair extensions, keratin fusion hair extensions, and keratin tipped hair extensions. These hair extensions are pre-tipped with keratin, which is melted and fused with the wearer’s natural hair to create a strong and sleek bond. Many clients mistakenly believe that this is glue – this is not the case. Keratin hair extensions are attached to your natural hair by melting the keratin with a special low heat hair extension iron, and then wrapping the keratin around your natural hair to form a bond. This should be done professionally to create a bond that is strong and almost undetectable. We sell our keratin hair extensions by the bundle, with each bundle containing approximately 100 strands, weighing about 1g per strand. Our clients typically need only one bundle to achieve their desired look.

Micro Loop Hair Extensions

In a lot of respects, micro loop hair extensions is like having your cake and eating it too. These hair extensions are installed via a strand by strand but do not require the use of hot irons or melted keratin. With micro loop hair extensions your natural hair is joined with extensions by putting both through a small metal cylinder and flattening it with pliers to secure the bond. Micro loop hair extensions are ideal if you have relatively coarse hair. If your hair is silky / slippery, the bonds will come off. In such a situation we recommend that you install keratin bonds or ask about our Brazilian knots options. Micro loops hair extensions work very well on black hair.

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